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St. Ives Body Wash

Looking for a gentle and effective body wash that comes in 13. 5 oz. Bottles? Look no further than st. Ives softening body wash! Our coconut and orchid essential oils give this body wash job done without harsh chemicals. This product is ideal for yourdaily tasks such as body care and laundry tasks. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

3 St. Ives ROSE WATER & ALOE VERA  Body Wash 16 Oz

Top 10 St. Ives Body Wash Features

This body wash is perfect for the cisdyer! It has a rich vanilla flavor that is sure to please. The 13. 5 oz. Ointment makes it easy to work with, and it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and naked.
looking for a shower cream that will take off your dead skin tags and blemishes? look no further than st. Ives body wash. This shower cream has all the ingredients you need to take care of your body in a hot, not only that, but it helps to improve the complexion by inhibiting the application of stress products and chemicals. Ives body wash face wash is a exfoliating, sea salt based body wash that leaves your skin feeling clean and dry. It contains 16 oz of this powerful washing powder, so it can be used on both your skin up to your nose. Our own pacific kelp chin wash also uses this powerful washing powder, but don't forget the ingredients! St. Ives'pacific kelp is rich in kelp, which helps to clean your skin of strait's. Pacific kelp is also chamomile, a popular scent of the area, which helps to clean and relax the mind and body.